How to Recognize a Real Water Soluble CBD Nano Emulsion

How to Recognize a Real Water Soluble CBD Nano Emulsion

One of the biggest misconceptions we have seen in the CBD marketplace is that some brands who says they are using a CBD nano emulsion aren't actually using a nano emulsion. We have found countless products online labeled as “Nano CBD” or “Water Soluble” (or some combination of those words), but one quick look at their product images and ingredient lists raised some red flags. To take it a step further, we actually purchased some of our competitors products to see how well they mixed with water and the results were shocking.

The following list details some of the red flags we have seen:

- Dark colored liquids or products sold in dark, opaque bottles

Poorly Made Water Soluble CBD Nano Emulsion Example

A true CBD nano emulsion that has been made properly should always be clear, with little to no color. Once the CBD oil droplets are reduced in size to mere nanometers and stabilized with emulsifiers, they become nearly invisible to the naked eye. The CBD is still there, and will appear in analytical lab test results, but the liquid will now be nearly indistinguishable from water. Sonomechanics, a manufacturer of ultrasonic processors, documented this clarity change as droplet size is reduced in a blog post that we would recommend checking out if you are interested in the topic.

We have seen supposed "nano" CBD products that are at best poorly made nano emulsions evidenced by their dark and cloudy liquid, and at worst, purposely deceiving customers with a product that is not actually a nano emulsion. Some companies may even sell their products in a dark colored bottle where a customer would never even be able to see the liquid prior to purchase. That is not to say that every nano CBD product sold in a dark bottle is not legitimate, only that it is something to look out for. 

After years of researching and developing the best possible CBD nano emulsion formulation, we are proud to present NABA products in a clear bottle so customers can see our clear and colorless liquid.

- Ingredient Lists indicating the product is not actually a nano emulsion 

Fake Water Soluble CBD Nano Emulsion Ingredient Listing

A true water soluble CBD nano emulsion that has been made properly can be added to water without any separation occurring. We have seen retailers listing MCT oil as the first ingredient, which may be a red flag that the product may not be a true nano emulsion or water soluble product.

The primary purpose of a nano emulsion is to be able to take hydrophobic compounds like cannabinoids and make them compatible with water, thereby allowing water to be used as the primary liquid rather than an oil. If water is not the first ingredient listed in a supposed "water soluble" CBD product, it may be worth investigating the products ingredients further.

 As you can see from our NABA CBD HYDRO*SPRAY ingredient listing, a true nano emulsion requires more than simply MCT oil, cannabidiol and flavoring. While there may be a variety of options when it comes to what emulsifiers and stabilizers can be used to make a true nano emulsion, a supposed "nano" CBD product lacking any of these in their ingredient listings can be a red flag. 


- The product does not actually mix with water

NABA Water Soluble CBD Comparison Test Results            

We decided to purchase some of our competitors supposed “nano emulsion” and “water soluble” CBD products to see how well they actually mixed with water. The result? Not a single one of them actually mixed with water. We were suspicious of the products because of their appearance and ingredient listings, and those suspicions were confirmed when the products immediately resisted and separated from the water we dropped them into. 

We then added our NABA CBD HYDRO*SPRAY into water and the result was zero separation or resistance. Without applying any heat or mixing, it dissipated and became indistinguishable from the water. The images above showcase the results.

We plan on writing more blogs in the future to help educate people on nano emulsions and the benefits they can provide to cannabinoid products. You can learn more about NABA's unique process on our nano emulsion technology page. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, you can email us at